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Janice H.

<p>Janice is an administrative professional seeking a position with opportunity to draw on a broad based background in office management, operations, marketing, client services, and program management.<br />She has demonstrated an ability to work effectively in a variety of environments and cultures, show adeptness at problem solving, and an uncanny ability to handle the unexpected and coordinate the efforts of many to meet organizational goals while prioritizing, from initiation and planning through to implementation and follow-up, while consistently meeting deadlines.</p>

Harry T.

<p>Harry is an experienced information technology professional with over 15 years of customer/client support background in a global financial services environment. Solid understanding of compliance related issues and a proven history of increasing responsibilities within an organization.<br /><br />He specializes in IT messaging, software distribution and infrastructure support and has managed and supported 3 major products at UBS Investment bank, California&rsquo;s data loss prevention (Orchestria), Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SMS and their respective server infrastructures. Provided cost savings and value with 3 significant projects, decommissioning of the Tumbleweed messaging archive surveillance system (MMS), PST conversion of over 3 terabits of e-mail data into usable PST files sorted by dates.</p>

Nikitha N.

Nikitha is a highly motivated, goal-oriented individual with strong relationship management skills who has managed the accounts of ten to fifteen large institutions with AUM ranging from $100 million to $1.5 billion. This relationship manager also has exceptional time-management and multi-tasking skills.

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