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Delloise W

Delloise is doing freelance work and volunteering where she can. She recently finished filming an event for a nonprofit organization, The Caribbean American Chambers, regarding business solutions for victims affected by Hurricane Sandy. She has been involved in communications since 1998 and during this time she has worked with prestigious companies such as YMCA, New York State Office of Children and Family Services, and non-profits such as No Family Left Behind.

Her contributions to these companies are

  • Raised $40,000 in funds for non-profit No Family Left Behind
  • Produced a film interview with NFL player Check Derby in 2008
  • Created a workshop funded by an outsource group that increased enrollment numbers of students by 75% at the Thomas Jefferson High School

Babatunde A

Babatunde, a Microsoft Certified Professional worked with La Sierra University where he supported over 400 computers, and has also worked with high technology where his experience and skills were used to move the company to the next level. He is experienced in the configuration, set up of hardware, software and peripherals while also diagnosing problems and troubleshooting the local area network.

  • Helped establish an inventory database to track computer equipment which helped the company to identify 300 additional computers that were in use
  • Outperformed peers by maintaining an outstanding record of technical support service,resolving 95% of all trouble tickets without escalation to the senior support specialist
  • Reduced user callback rate by 20% through accurate assessment of root causes of technical issues

Ji Hyun L

Ji Hyun;has over six years of experience in editorial content development for print and online environments. She is also an accurate and results-oriented editor with a successful track record in developing content that was consistently promoted on portal partner sites like AOL, MSN and Yahoo!, producing increased page views and an overall surge in traffic.

  • Ji Hyun is a regular contributing editor for the Sunday Styles section of The New York Times, and Cosmopolitan magazine
  • Awarded VNU's Branded Entertainment Award for the article, "Most Famous Bondmobiles"
  • Adept at the implementation of Search Engine Optimizatio (SEO) on all relevant posts and social media brand-building
  • Earned a B.F.A. in Dramatic Writing from New York University and an M.F.A. in Theatre Arts from Columbia University

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