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April 2017 Top Candidates - GoodTemps

Lavon C

Lavon has 6 years of Media, Marketing and Sales experience. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree from Howard University and worked for very prominent communications companies such as: CBS Radio, Paper Magazine, ClassPass, Essence Magazine and Black Entertainment Television (BET). Some of her accomplishments included:

  • Overseeing the internal RFP process ensuring interdepartmental materials were completed and all deadlines were met
  • Accurately booking 7 studios and collaborating with account directors to troubleshoot discrepancies in a timely matter
  • Managing over $1,000,000.00 in digital and print advertising revenue for several Fortune 500 companies
  • Generating weekly prospect lists, creating client proposals, processing client payments, scheduling multiple meetings and conducting market research using Arbitron and Scarborough tools
  • Collaborating with management in the origination and development of cutting edge ideas and comprehensive marketing campaigns

Zachary M

Zachary has 13 years of Procurement experience and earned his Bachelor’s Degree from Ohio Wesleyan University. Zachary has worked for some of the largest organizations worldwide such as: ACN Worldwide and The City of New York. Some of his accomplishments included:

  • Developing and maintaining partnerships with real estate firms from around the world and incorporating them into a global real estate network that facilitated international real estate buying opportunities for Chinese nationals
  • Maintaining strong vendor relations with key overseas partner firms, managing relationships and tracking key performance metrics of vendor’s contractual obligations and performance by utilizing effective vendor risk strategies
  • Conducting end-to-end IT procurement activities for agency modernization projects by analyzing procurement portfolios and developing procurement profile categories. Managing RFP’s, generating purchase orders in conformity to the proper OGS (Office of General Services) and GSA (General Services Administration) requirements while managing change order requests and tracking requisitions from start to finish ensuring on time delivery/installation
  • Assisting with the implementation of a consolidated multi-tier environment IT purchasing system to support more improved cost-efficient IT purchasing for large-scale hospital systems
  • Managing city owned properties, ensuring timely repairs and maintenance via efficient contract vendor performance management. Assisting in bid management with Vendex questionnaire qualification review of administration practices and MOCS/PPB requirements screening for vendors

Jordan R

Jordan has 13 years of Business Development experience and earned his Bachelor’s Degree from Clark University. Jordan has worked for some very prestigious firms such as: T & L Group and New York County Lawyers’ Association. Some of his accomplishments included:

  • Leading the primary account management team and reinforcing the consultant sales and budget administration process
  • Providing effective information technology solutions to small businesses
  • Navigating viable prospects through long-cycle sales processes and extensive market research
  • Representing more than 20 clients as a primary client contact for the organization
  • Providing procedural advice to pro se petitioners who decided to proceed to trial

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