Job description

The available shifts are: 4PM-12AM (Tue-Sat) / 4PM-12AM (Sun-Thur) / 12AM-8AM (Tue-Sat)

  • Provide client escort service, assist in monitoring client program activities, monitor client crowd control, and perform other job-related duties as required.
  • Provide information pertaining to available DHS services, local resources, and community services to potential homeless individuals, community members, religious organizations, and other organizations and individuals
  • Records all information pertaining to client information and social service referrals utilizing the on-line CARES and Q-Flow, accurately input codes to register applicants for temporary housing office; convey shelter placement information and facilitate transportation to shelter;
  • Interview families and issue social service referrals.
  • Maintain liaison with various community shelters to convey shelter placement information and facilitate transportation to shelter.
  • Attend onsite meetings to share important issues affecting the unit’s daily operation.
  • Able to offer insight for improvement.
  • Handle onsite/offsite client inquiries with the highest level of confidentiality and sensitivity, during the application process.
  • Coordinate the transfer of case records, forms, and referrals to receiving shelters. Unused documents discarded, according to agency policy
  • Perform high level responsible clerical duties, as assigned by the Site Manager, such as prepare written monthly, quarterly, and annual administrative statistical and narrative indicator reports that would share information in re to shelter placements; collect, analyze and evaluate on-site and statistical data from various sources, and communicate the results to superior; and maintain liaison with various units to be able to process schedule and reports, and to coordinate and prepare case files and documents.
  • Maintain files for future reference.

What you need to have


Able to type 30-35wpm

Prior experience & qualifications

Able to offer insight for improvement. Prior related experience strongly preferred

This opportunity requires fluency in English