Job description

Capable self-starter needed to fulfill office responsibilities in the office of a busy construction company.

Starting pay varies based on experience:

  • Level 1 (Entry level) - $16.50/hr (1yr exp)
  • Level 2 (Intermediate) - $17.50/hr (2yrs exp)
  • Level 3 (Advanced) - $18.50/hr (3yrs exp)


  • Professionally, take, handle and transfer incoming/outgoing calls
  • File permits with township for the company
  • Some billing
  • Provide other administrative and office duties as needed

What you need to have

  • Must have good customer service skills
  • Able to work independently after being given direction.
  • Computer skills- Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook for email
Prior experience & qualifications
  • Dress- Business Casual (allowed to wear black jeans with a dress shirt). It is permitted to wear jeans in the office but you must be neat and presentable for business
  • A minimum of one year of office experience is required
This opportunity requires fluency in English