Job description

  • Clean and sanitize pots and pans (including surrounding areas) and store them in the correct areas
  • Clean and maintain the entire dish machine and all surrounding areas
  • Properly store all equipment in the kitchen area
  • Sweep and mop the kitchen, slop room and all storage/kitchen areas regularly
  • Stock, store, label and date delivery items in their proper storage areas, label, and date
  • Break down kitchen equipment (stoves, grill, and ovens) and clean thoroughly each day
  • Sanitize all storage areas for equipment (dish carriers, tray carrier, shelves, etc)
  • Remove garbage from the kitchen as needed
  • Clean and sanitize kitchen and bathroom areas every Monday and Thursday and as needed
  • Ensure kitchen is spotless at all times and free of any possible hazards (water, oil, grease, etc.)
  • Perform other duties as assigned

What you need to have

  • Ability to lift 30+ lbs repeatedly throughout the day
Prior experience & qualifications
  • 2 years of recent experience with automated dishwashing machine is highly preferred
This opportunity requires fluency in English