Job description

Location(s): Brooklyn, NY

Schedule: Ongoing 1 or more day assignments on weekends (shifts between 7:00am to 6:30pm)

Highly responsible and reliable candidates needed to serve as proctors, overseeing and supervising test-takers during examinations or official tests and:

  • Monitor employees while they are taking mandated computer-based trainings
  • Register each employee scheduled for training into logbook
  • Assign training modules to be taken by each employee based on job title
  • Assist employees with minor tasks: signing into online portal and launching of training modules
  • Enter each employee completing training into logbook
  • Issue attendance slips with the information of all training completed before departure
  • Update employee’s training records in ELM database daily
  • File training notifications letters and attendance slips
  • Perform fingertip maintenance on equipment used for training after each employee is done (i.e., wiping down monitor, mouse, keyboard, and desktop)
  • Perform general housekeeping in personal workspace (i.e., wiping desk surface and equipment, such as computer and telephone, etc.)

What you need to have

  • Must be able to work in a fast-paced environment to quickly organize and review documents
  • Prior clerical or office experience strongly preferred

This position requires a stationary position and moving throughout the location during shift

Prior experience & qualifications
  • Must be alert, reliable, able to commit/follow through with the guidelines of assignment
  • Candidates who successfully complete assignment will be considered for other opportunities
This opportunity requires fluency in English

If you are unable to complete this application due to a disability, contact this employer to ask for an accommodation or an alternative application process.