Job description

  • Ensure cleanliness of bathrooms, reception/front entrance, common, janitorial, kitchen, office & day program areas
  • Empty all trash & replace liners, including sanitary receptacles in all ladies rooms
  • Sweep, mop and vacuum floors
  • Clean toilets, sinks & urinals
  • Spot clean walls, partitions & dispensers/receptacles
  • Clean all mirrors and glass door
  • Dust reception desk and other high dust corners, edges and ledges
  • Fully stock janitorial closet and replenish supplies
  • Dust partition tops and polish chrome fixtures
  • Scrub bathroom floors
  • Damp wipe tile walls & partitions
  • Clean all surfaces including refrigerator (exterior), coffee makers (exterior, behind & underneath), sink, counter top, cabinets, microwave (int. & ext.)
  • Dust desk tops and polish wooden desk, (IF REQUESTED BY STAFF)
  • Thoroughly vacuum carpets, carpet corner edges, under desks, behind doors and HIGH traffic
  • Dust horizontal surfaces including filing cabinets, wall moldings, office furniture, window sills, partition tops (if applicable)
  • Check for cobwebs /dust accumulation in floor & ceiling corners
  • Break down cardboard & place into dumpster in parking lot marked “CARD BOARD”
  • Wash all windows (inside only)
  • Clean all entrance doors
  • Wet wipe tables in class & training rooms
  • Perform other related duties as needed

What you need to have

  • Must be able to lift, move, push and pull chairs/tables and other equipment and items
  • Knowledge of procedures and methods used in inspecting, analyzing, and determining the cleaning and maintenance work to be done strongly preferred
  • Ability to handle and control heavy cleaning equipment and to lift and move moderately heavy objects
  • Must be able to work in a discrete manner and keep adhere to compliance and confidentiality of information
Prior experience & qualifications
  • Prior housekeeping experience is strongly preferred
This opportunity requires fluency in English