Job description


Quality Control Analysts will be assigned to work alongside Homeless Outreach teams, whose goals are getting homeless individuals from subway stations into the social service provider’s continuum of care. Field outreach is the program’s focus and requires reliable temporary staff that reflect this emphasis. Staff in these assignments will not be required to directly canvas, engage with, or offer services to any homeless individuals; QC Analysts will be strictly observing, assisting and reporting support functions.

Location(s): Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan & Queens, NY (Must be able to travel throughout these boroughs)

Hours: 5 days per week (2nd and 3rd shifts available)

Duties to include:

  • Counting the number of homeless individuals within the transit system
  • Observing, directing, and supporting outreach teams to: identify coordination needs; provide and determine need for support services; and assist in effective execution of field services by reviewing and documenting various outreach teams’ efforts, coordination, and staffing
  • May be required to provide location information (e.g., train car #s, conductor names) such as but not limited to: documentation of their locations during assignments
  • Expected to document and report back on their findings, recommend improvements, identify areas of weakness (e.g. staffing or process issues; problematic response times, etc.) and attend weekly staff meetings
  • Documenting findings, recommending improvements, and identifying areas of weakness
  • Maintaining a quality environment for customers and employees
  • Managing and responding to e-mail correspondences regarding assignments, locations, etc., as requested by administrators
  • Reviewing the daily operations and administration of the field program, comprised of Social Service Outreach staff and law enforcement
  • Maintaining communication between field workers and the transportation service company
  • Maintaining weekly schedule of stations for observation
  • Supporting the quality and integrity of the program and services provided and reviewing vehicle GPS
  • Accompanying Outreach teams on shifts and monitor services rendered in the field
  • Submitting daily, weekly, and monthly reports

What you need to have

  • Ability to use Microsoft Office applications and information management systems, as required
  • Possess the ability to read, write, and communicate in English
  • Working knowledge of the NYCT subway system within the four (4) borough service areas and be able to read the subway map
Prior experience & qualifications
  • Associates or Bachelor’s degree in social work, communications, marketing, business, or related fields
  • This position requires prolonged walking and standing
  • Analysts will be expected to work in the office and in the field, and to attend meetings
This opportunity requires fluency in English