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Welcome to the user resource guide for gTimesheet, GoodTemps' web-based timekeeping system. This guide is divided into two general sections, the first for our temporary employees, and the second, for the on-site supervisors of our customers.

To submit timesheets online, temporary employees must create their own user account on the website. Supervisors, in order to access the website and approve submitted timesheets, must have a user account provided to them by GoodTemps.

The guide provides step-by-step tutorials and serves as a reference for temps and supervisors alike on the creation, submission, and approval of timesheets through the gTimesheet web-based timekeeping system.

Temporary Employees - Click Here

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On-Site Supervisors - Click Here

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System Requirements

gTimesheet is a web-based system, meaning that you can use the site from any device that offers internet access, be it at home, at the office or on the road. To use gTimesheet, you need:

gTimesheet is currently not compatible with other browsers, such as Firefox, Apple Mac IE 5, Opera, etc. As the system matures, compatibility will be expanded to support these browsers.