On-Site Supervisor Guide

As a supervisor of GoodTemps temporary employees, you are responsible for reviewing and approving the timesheets that have been submitted by them in a timely fashion. GoodTemps will provide you with a GTimesheet supervisor account, which will enable you to log into the GTimesheet website and review and approve the timesheets that have been submitted by your temps, and also to manually input hours for those that have not. To submit their hours to you, your temps must create their own user account, which is done via the website.

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Windows 2000, XP, Vista with IE6 or 7 required

GTimesheet is compatible with Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, and iOS/Android/Windows mobile devices. If you have an incompatible browser, please contact us immediately.

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How Online Timekeeping Works

Time can be managed by you via the GTimesheet website in either of two ways:

  1. Each of your temps logs in to their own GTimesheet user account, and enters their hours for each week.
  2. You enter the hours into GTimesheet for each of your temps using the Manual Entry feature of your account.
    • Once you enter the hours, they are automatically approved and received by GoodTemps Payroll.
    • Temps do not need internet access for this method to be used - time can be provided to you on a punch card, etc.

Regardless of the method used, all timesheets must be approved by you no later than 3:00PM each Monday, or if Monday is a holiday, Tuesday at Noon.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I get a supervisor account?

Instructions on how to acquire a GTimesheet supervisor account if you have not been provided with one already.

How do my temps get their user accounts?

How your temps can acquire their user accounts to enable them to log into the GTimesheet website.

How do I log in to the website?

How to log into the GTimesheet.com website with your User ID and password.

How do I review submitted timesheets?

How to view and edit timesheets that have been submitted by your temporary employees.

How do I approve submitted timesheets?

How to approve a submitted timesheet you are satisfied with, for payroll processing.

How do I manually create a timesheet for my temp?

How to enter hours and create timesheets for temps who are unable, or not permitted to access the website.

How do I reject an incorrect timesheet?

How to reject and return an unsatisfactory timesheet to a temp for revision or deletion.

NYCDOE supervisors - Managing timesheets for clerical temps and professional consultants

Special instructions for NYC Department of Education supervisors who are responsible for approving both professional consultant and clerical temp employee timesheets.

Some temps listed in GTimesheet no longer work for me - how do I remove them?

How to remove a temporary employee from GTimesheet who is no longer working on the assignment.

How do I recover my lost password / user ID?

How to retrieve forgotten account credentials.

I need help!

This help portal contains comprehensive illustrated guides to the various functions that can be performed in GTimesheet. If your issue is not solved here, then GTimesheet support staff are available Monday through Friday from 8:30AM to 5:00PM. Reach us at gtimesheet@goodwillny.org