Reviewing and Approving Timesheets

As a supervisor of GoodTemps temporary employees, you are responsible for reviewing and approving the timesheets that have been submitted by them in a timely fashion. This section covers how to review and approve submitted timesheets.

Skip to the Approval Process

  1. When you first log in to gTimesheet, you will be alerted if any of your temps have failed to submit a timesheet, by the prompt shown below. This portion of the guide is concerned with reviewing timesheets that have been submitted by temps. Manual entry is covered in another section of this guide.
    Unsubmitted Timesheets Alert
  2. Click the "Skip to Approval Process" option on the right. You will be forwarded to a list of all timesheets that have been submitted and which require review and approval before GoodTemps can process them for payroll.

Reviewing Submitted Timesheets

After browsing to the Approval process screen, the first timesheet that is awaiting approval will be displayed.

Review Timesheet
  1. Scrutinize the timesheet as you would any payroll document, to ensure the hours are an accurate reflection of what the temp worked, and that it is for the correct week.
  2. If you notice any errors in the hours stated on the timesheet, you are able to make corrections by entering the changes directly onto the timesheet in place of the original values. Alternatively, you can instead provide a brief note and return the timesheet to the temp for him / her to correct and resubmit.

Approving a Submitted Timesheet

After you have reviewed and deemed the timesheet accurate, your next step is to approve it. Approving a timesheet is your authorization for GoodTemps to pay the temp for the hours stated.

  1. Click the "Approve" button just below the timesheet.
    Approve button
  2. If the timesheet contains any contract or labor law violations, such as unauthorized overtime, or an insufficient lunch break, you will be warned as such, then given the option to continue with the approval of the timesheet, or to return and correct the issue.
  3. After approving the timesheet, you will be forwarded automatically to the next that is awaiting approval.
  4. When there are no more timesheets to approve, you will be forwarded to a summary review screen.

Rejecting a Submitted Timesheet

After you have reviewed the timesheet, if you find that it is not accurate, and you want the temp to make any required corrections, you can reject the timesheet - this will return it to the temp.

  1. Enter a brief reason for the rejection in the "Notes" field to the right of the timesheet.
    The Notes field.  Used when rejecting a timesheet.
  2. Click the "Reject" button just below the timesheet.
    Reject button
  3. The timesheet will be returned to the temp for corrections to be made. The temp must resubmit it to you, in order for you to approve it.

Note for NYC Department of Education Supervisors

For NYCDOE supervisors who approve time for both clerical temps and professional consultants, please note that you can only view timesheets from one class of employee at a time, and need to change cost center in order to view the other class.

  1. Log in to as normal.
  2. Click the "Utilities" link in the top menu.
    Utilities link in the top menu
  3. Click the "Change Cost Center" link at the bottom of the page.
    Changing the Cost Center
  4. The next page tells you which cost center you are currently in.
    • GTS General - For clerical temp timesheets.
    • DOE Consultants - For professional services consultant timesheets.
    Current cost center
  5. Enter DOE or GTS and press Enter on your keyboard to switch to the relevant cost center to enable you to approve any submitted timesheets.