"How about that cityname sports team?"

For non-conversationalists and wall-flowers among us, going to social events where networking with new people is important.

But it can be a daunting prospect. The simply thought of walking up to a complete stranger and engaging in chit-chat can leave a typical person sweaty palmed and a nervous wreck, or brain numb from the thought of engaging in the same meaningless chit-chat with person after person.

But it doesn't have to be the case, as Fast Company introduces 5 questions that will help you cut short the chit-chat. The questions are simple, elegant, and will help steer you into an interesting and revelatory, rather than mundane conversation.

A few include:

  • What's you connection to the event? Opens up the possibility of learning about mutual contacts - maybe the person knows the organizer of the event and is the key to introducing you. It's a bit more relevatory that the standard "Have you been here before?"
  • How did you come to be in your line of work? I'm always interested in where people came from to be where they are, as well as where they're going in life. The stories they tell can be either short and cryptic, or full of overcome challenges and intrigue.

Read about the full list of questions over at Fast Company.

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