And I Though I Was Just Forgetful...

I have a bad habit.

I have this tendency to think of things that I have to do, things I need to get, or, even worse, great ideas for projects of mine. And then I tell myself 'I'll make a note of it later', before getting up and doing something else. Only I can't, because by then, it has completely escaped my mind. It's infuriating, but apparently it is grounded in science and not just my addled mind. That makes feel not so bad!

Researchers discovered that doorways - yes, doorways - can act as event boundaries in forming new memories, which has the effect of impeding recall of prior short-term memories. Ever thought of something you need to pick up from the supermarket on the walk there, forgot about it as soon as you walk through the door? Blame the door next time.

Read the full research article at, but try not to forget about us as soon as you go through the link :)

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