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GoodTemps Celebrates 20th Anniversary!

Today GoodTemps celebrates its 20th Anniversary. For over 100 years Goodwill Industries has helped individuals with disabilities, as well as those with other barriers to employment find work.

Since Goodwill introduced GoodTemps in 1996, GoodTemps has placed over 13,000 individuals, paying them close to a quarter billion dollars in wages while providing over 968 employers with the qualified and motivated staff they need.

In partnership with New York State Industries for the Disabled (NYSID) and with the support of the City of New York, GoodTemps serves as New York City’s primary source of temporary workers employing over 550 individuals with disabilities at City Agencies every day. The success of those we serve demonstrates that, by focusing on their abilities, the value of individuals can be leveraged toward the needs of employers so that they may achieve the dignity and power of work.

David Schoch, Senior Vice President

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