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The danger of the dream job illusion

A very interesting excerpt from Cal Newport’s book ’The danger of the dream job illusion’. <br /><br />We’re continuously bombarded with talk of dream jobs - of quitting your cubicle job to start a bakery, moving to Brazil to open a surf shop, etc. These stories give us a rush of inspiration that sets us examining our own dreams and ambitions. The problem is, everyone’s idea of a dream job is different. Would you think being a programmer is a dream job? No? Some do, and they view it as a calling - they’d rather do nothing else in the world. Basically, the article argues that the type of job you have doesn’t matter, it’s what you do with it that makes the difference. Essentially, to nurture your current job into something more inline with your goals instead of putting a lofty, far off dream on a pedestal. Making your dream your reality.<br /><br />Read more at LifeHacker: <a href="" target="new">

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