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The Heat’s Coming - Know Your Cooling Points

<p>With the next four days forecasted to be on the sweltering side here in NY, knowing how to cool yourself down in an efficient way can be very important.<br /><br />The general rule is to know your pulse points. These are the areas on your body where you can feel your pulse - they&rsquo;re where the blood vessels are close to the surface of your skin. Because of this proximity, you can cool your blood, and subsequently, your body, down quickly by putting the area of skin in contact with cool water or ice wrapped in a damp towel.<br /><br />Everyone knows a cold towel to the neck and wrists brings quick relief from the heat, but they&rsquo;re not the only points on your body. Consider the insides of your elbows, behind your knees, your inner thigh, along with the tops of your feet, your inner ankle, and your temples.</p>

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