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  • File Clerks

    • $15.77/hr
    •  Brooklyn, NY

    Motivated and highly professional candidates are sought to provide filing, collating, operation of various copy machines and other related office assistance in a busy office setting. This role was established to help an important organization provide ongoing essential services to the city.

    Downtown Brooklyn location. Hours: 8:00 AM — 8:00 PM...

  • Administrative Assistant

    • $19.18/hr
    •  New York, NY

    Skilled and responsible office professional is needed to provide administrative support and perform clerical functions in a fast-paced office setting.

    Worksite location Tribeca, Manhattan. ...

  • Warehouse Stock Clerk

    • $19.29/hr
    •  New York, NY

    Experienced stock clerk sought to assist in Operations and Facilities with inventory and receiving. The work-site is in Lower Manhattan. Daily schedule 9am to 5pm. Various duties including:

    Helping to ensure sufficient supply levels in two locations...

  • Customer Service Rep

    • $15.23/hr
    •  New York, NY

    Reliable customer service professional is needed to interact with members of the public by phone and in person. Worksite in Tribeca, lower Manhattan. Shift from 9am to 5pm.

    Responsible for addressing requests for information and support...

  • Heavy Laborer

    • $16.24/hr
    •  New York, NY

    Reliable heavy laborer needed to help out at the worksite.

    Full time schedule: Monday to Friday from 9 to 5. ...

  • Stock Clerk

    • $19.29/hr
    •  Brooklyn, NY

    Experienced stock clerk needed to work in Brooklyn, NY (Daily schedule 9am to 5pm)

    Various duties including but not limited to:...

  • Laborer

    • $19/hr
    •  New York, NY

    Experienced and professional worker needed for an important project. Duties:

    Workplace located in Lower Manhattan. Part-time schedule 10am to 2pm....

  • Housekeeper

    • $16/hr
    •  New York, NY

    Professional candidate sought to perform housekeeping duties in a residential setting.

    Location, Chelsea, Manhattan. Hours: 8:00 AM — 4:00 PM...

  • Customer Service Representatives

    • $16.24/hr
    •  New York, NY

    Reliable customer service professionals are needed to interact with customers.

    Worksite in Tribeca, lower Manhattan. Shift from 9am to 5pm. ...

  • Seasonal Railroad Passenger Counter

    • $16.96/hr
    •  New York, NY

    Location(s): Various Locations – MUST BE ABLE TO TRAVEL (starts at Penn Station and/or Woodside Queens) ...

  • Word Processing Secretary

    • $19/hr
    •  Yonkers, NY

    Sharp office professional sought to provide secretarial and word processing services, relieving superiors of administrative details. Able to work with minimal supervision. This position functions as an administrative secretary and office manager, performing a wide variety of tasks. May supervise subordinate office support staff. Does related work as required.

  • Office Assistant - Word Processor

    • $15.50/hr
    •  Yonkers, NY

    Office help needed to perform a wide variety of tasks in providing clerical support and in acting as an office assistant for a number of administrative or professional staff. Independent action will be exercised when routine procedures or clearly-defined policies are involved. May exercise supervision over a small number of subordinate personnel.

    Duties include:...

  • Supervisor/Manager

    • $26.63/hr
    •  New York, NY

    Experienced manager needed to directly supervise and coordinate the activities of clerical and administrative support workers. Relies on experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals.


  • Legal Assistant

    • $19.16/hr
    •  Brooklyn, NY

    Experienced and reliable worker needed to provide legal assistant support in a high-stress office environment.

    Work-site in a downtown Brooklyn location. Daily schedule 9:00 AM — 5:00 PM...

  • Accountant

    • $25.58/hr
    •  Queens, NY

    Seeking a highly professional accountant with sufficient knowledge and experience to apply accounting principles to compile and analyze financial information to prepare entries to accounts, document business transactions, audit contracts, orders, and vouchers and prepare reports.

    The work location is in Long Island City, Queens. Hours 9 to 5. ...

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