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  • Stock Clerk

    • $13/hr
    •  Queens, NY

    We are recruiting for reliable Stock Clerks to work full time on a document inventory project. Worksite location in Long Island City, Queens.

    Duties include:...

  • Accounts Payable Specialist

    • $18 - $25/hr
    •  Queens, NY

    Here is an exciting opportunity to work in the Accounting Department for a reputable non-profit organization!

    Location/Hours: Astoria, Queens - (8:30am to 4:30pm)...

  • Heavy Laborers

    • $14.70/hr
    •  New York County, Manhattan, NY

    Professional applicants with previous experience with heavy lifting are needed for a highly desirable long-term assignment. Needed to perform site-to-site or interoffice moves that involve heavy lifting of furniture and other office equipment. Primary worksite is in Lower Manhattan near City Hall.


  • Human Resources/Timekeeping Assistant

    • $19.95/hr
    •  Manhattan, NY

    Experienced HR assistant with timekeeping experience. Lower Manhattan worksite location.


  • Administrative Assistant

    • $17.85/hr
    •  Queens, NY

    Reliable, motivated admins needed with keen eye for detail. Will perform diversified administrative and secretarial duties including but not limited to: meeting deadlines and coordinating the flow of people, paper, and phone calls in and out of the office. Office location in Long Island City, Queens.

    Duties to include:...

  • Legal Secretary

    • $19.95/hr
    •  Queens, NY

    A very skilled and accomplished Legal Secretary is needed to fulfill responsibilities in a busy, fast-paced Law Office supporting the Operations Services of a prestigious organization. This position encompasses responsible legal secretarial services of varying degrees of difficulty.

    Scheduled work hours are Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. The worksite location is in Jamaica, Queens. ...

  • Computer Operator

    • $19.30 - $21.30/hr
    •  Queens, NY

    Worksite is in a Long Island City, Queens location. Hours: 9:00 to 5:00

    Skilled and experienced IT professionals sought for positions with a prominent and reputable organization. Will monitor and control computers and peripheral electronic equipment to process data according to operating instructions. Duties include:...

  • Print-shop Assistant

    • $13/hr
    •  Brooklyn, NY

    We have an ongoing need for motivated, hard-working print-shop assistants for a busy jobsite in a Red Hook, Brooklyn location. Jobsite is accessible by the F train. Workers will assist in operating bindery machines in fast-paced print shop. We are recruiting for a pool of qualified candidates to be on-call as needed. Candidates can be made eligible to interview for longer term (full-time or regular) assignments in the print shop as they become available. Duties include:

    Collating, hole-punching, binding and shrink-wrapping books and printed materials...

  • Management Analyst (Junior)

    • $25/hr
    •  Brooklyn, NY

    Supports IT, Capital, Grants and other Finance projects. Provides continuity when senior officers are out of the office. Manages Finance IT projects by ensuring that units are in sync and meeting deadlines. Assists in writing and editing business case proposals, small project requests and requirements. Gathers information and writes capital requests. Tracks and reports capital budget and expenses. Provides grant tracking and reporting, researches new grants. Follows up with staff for input to grant applications and approvals. Tracks and reports grant expenditures.


  • Purchasing Agent

    • $26/hr
    •  Brooklyn, NY

    Seeking an experienced, qualified procurement agent for a large organization. Must be familiar with the RFP process. Prior training and professional experience in Supply Chain Management is essential. Only qualified candidates should apply. The jobsite is in a downtown Brooklyn location.

    The purchasing agent is responsible for purchases made by the organization. Evaluates and approves vendors and authorizes purchase orders for goods or services. Duties include:...

  • IT Project Manager

    • $TBA/year
    •  Queens, NY

    Location: Astoria, Queens

    Wage: Based on experience ($95k-125k/year)...

  • Senior Clerical Worker

    • $14.65/hr
    •  Mount Vernon, NY

    We are looking for motivated, experienced workers to fulfil high-level clerical duties in a social services office in Mount Vernon.

    Duties include:...

  • Compliance Officer

    • $22.60/hr
    •  New York, NY

    An experienced Compliance Officer is needed to perform compliance and enforcement inspection and analysis activities. Jobsite is in a lower Manhattan location.

    Examine, evaluate and investigate eligibility and agreements with laws and regulations governing contract compliance of licenses and permits...

  • Procurement Clerk

    • $22/hr
    •  Brooklyn, NY

    Skilled, meticulous candidates with strong writing skills are sought to compile information and records for the purpose of drawing up purchase orders for procurement of materials and services. Duties will include but not limited to:

    Assisting with the drafting of procurement documents...

  • Bilingual (English/Spanish) Customer Service Rep

    • $15/hr
    •  Queens, NY

    Patient, polite and highly professional candidates with outstanding customer service skills are sought to work in a call center environment, answering inquiries made by the general public about transportation. Worksite is in Long Island City, Queens.

    Must have a flexible schedule and willing to accept varying early morning start times and Saturday hours as needed...

  • Payroll Assistant

    • $16 - $22/hr
    •  Queens, NY

    Wage is based on experience

    High-volume payroll office seeks experienced payroll assistant in Astoria, Queens. Rate of pay will be based on experience. Duties include:...

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